5 Tips to Make a Good Novel Great

Novel Writing - 5 Tips to Make a Good Novel Great

Novel writing practices dates back to almost two thousand years. Throughout this large period of time, many novelists introduced several different trends and modifications through creative ideas, styles and tones. These trends and modifications are particularly introduced to foster novel writing skills and to explain that how to write a novel. Nevertheless, people often neglect the transformation of novel writing process and by that their novels lack the charming factors to lure the reader. Here are some of the tips to make a good novel great.

Intrigue the reader with a fascinating beginning

It has been a misconception of many novelists to start the novel with an action. The beginning of a novel with an action might make your novel good, but it would not appeal the reader because it is an old trend. Therefore, a novelist must try to start his novel with a tense situation like a rivalry scene or an intense situation between two lovers.

Know the demands of your characters

Characters are very vital to novel writing. If a novelist knows the right place and demand of his characters, only then he knows how to write a novel. The characters in a novel must build the interest of the reader and for this purpose, the characters must be compelling and strongly built. There must be a tight connection between the characters and the story of the novel. There must be no loose ends between the characters and the story in order to arise a strong desire of reading into the reader.

Leave some curious points at the end of chapters

Novel writing is all about arousing the interest of reader. From several ways to arise interest of reader, an excellent way is to leave something curious. Furthermore, you must connect those curious points with the next chapter and then again leave some curiosity in that chapter. This strategy will compel the reader to go for chapters after chapter and finally he would read the novel and you would end up explaining the while fiction.

Give some tough times to your characters

Fictional stories in novel writing have great emphasis on characters. A well-build fictional story revolves around strong character building techniques. The reader’s interest is built in the novel when he finds the characters going through some hard times or situations. Therefore, you must try to put the characters through some difficult times in order to arise the curiosity in the reader. For instance, if you are writing on two lovers, you must reflect their efforts through which they got closer to each other.

Write according to your audience and genre

To decide a genre of your novel writing is not an easy task. You must keep in mind the audience and contemporary trends in order to decide the genre of your novel. Once, you have decided your genre, you must then put the material according to that particular genre. For instance, if you are writing on crime, you must first explain some past events and then move on to the current situations. The consideration of your audience is very vital to the success of your novel writing.