Cheapest American cities for international students

One of the biggest expenses for students after the educational cost is the rental cost. While there are a lot of cities of USA such as London & New York that are expensive for international students but, there are cheap cities as well.  Such cheap cities are best for international students that are not willing to pay high rental cost. Scroll down and check out the top 7 American cities that are cheapest for international students.

7 Cheapest American Cities for International Students:

  1. Manhattan, Kansas:

    It is an exceptionally lovely place to live which is also highly ranked across the board. In 2007, Manhattan was ranked as No. 1 by “Forbes” among the Best Small Communities for Career as well as a Business with the average cost about $635 for a one Bedroom Apartment.

  2. Blacksburg, Virginia:

    In the year 2011, a Southern USA magazine ranked Blacksburg as the best college town in the South America. The city was also ranked as the best place in the America to raise kids by the “BusinessWeek magazine” in 2011. However, the average cost for one bedroom apartment in this city is about $669.

  3. Austin-Texas:

    Austin is a delightful and socially diverse city of USA and it is additionally a decent choice for local as well as international students. Scholastically, the University of Texas at Austin is positioned as a standout among other colleges in the world. However, for students, the average one bedroom apartment cost is nearly equal to $992, which is much lower than other big cities such as New York or Boston.

  4. San Marcos, Texas:

    As indicated by the United States Census Bureau, San Marcos is among the quickest developing cities in the nation. It was likewise ranked among the 10 most exciting small cities in America by the Business Insider magazine. However, the average one bedroom apartment cost for students is about $749.

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  5. Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

    The US Conference of Mayors, in the year 2001, named Tuscaloosa as the most livable city in the USA. The town also comes among the 100 Best Communities for Young People, as indicated by America’s Promise Alliance. The average one bedroom apartment cost in this city is nearly equal to $687.

  6. Norman-Oklahoma:

    In the year 2008, Norman was ranked at No. 6 among the best small city in the nation by the CNN’s Money Magazine. The living cost in this city for international students is much lower than other American cities. The University of Oklahoma in Norman is best university for local as well as intentional students. However, the city costs about $549 for an average one bedroom apartment.

  7. Findlay, Ohio:On two unique events, in the year 2005 as well as in 2007, the America’s Promise Alliance named this city as one of the main 100 communities for Young People and students in the nation. The University of Findlay is the best and very famous university for students here. However, the normal one bedroom apartment cost in this city is about $672.