25 Top Public Colleges with the Highest-Earning Graduates

Best graduate colleges in USA 2017

Who doesn’t want to study in a public college with the highest earning graduates?
The public schools with the highest earning graduates are ideal for every student. This article includes top 25 Public colleges with the highest Earning Graduates. So scroll down and check them out.

  1. SUNY Maritime College:

    This College is located in Throggs Neck, NY offering 11 undergraduate majors which includes about 5 engineering programs. The graduates mid career earnings are nearly equal to $144,000.

  2. United States Naval Academy:

    It is located in Annapolis, MD and the graduates of this institute enjoys the mid career earnings up to $134,000. It is a well known institute because of its huge application process and the high-powered academics.

  3. UnitedStates Merchant Marine Academy:

    Graduates of this well known institute enjoys the mid career Earnings up to $134,000. Located in Kings Point, NY, it is the only institution which is authorized to carry a battle standard as an aspect of its color guard.

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  4. UnitedStates Military Academy:

    This academy is free of charge. However, in lieu of the entire educational cost, cadets are required to serve at least 5 years on active duty along with 3 years in the ready reserve upon their graduation. Its grads enjoy their mid career earning up to $131,000.

  5. United States Air Force Academy:

    Located in Colorado Springs, CO, United States Air Force Academy programs are among the best and they are also recognized by the school’s organization with the Institute for National Security Studies. The mid-career Earnings of its graduates are up to $122,000.

  6. Colorado School of Mines:

    With the mid career earnings approximately equal to $114,000, this institute is also well known due to its strong programs of engineering. Established in 1874, right now, this college about 90% of engineering students.

  7. Georgia Institute of Technology:

    This institute is located in Atlanta, GA and offers some really amazing nationwide recognized academic programs. With the mid career earnings starting from $112,000, this institute is especially for the students interested in science and engineering.

  8. University of California, Berkeley:

    It is one of the America’s top public universities which was established in 1868. Located in Berkeley, CA, its graduates enjoys the mid career earnings up to $112,000.

  9. United States Coast Guard Academy:

    This institute is locates in New London, CT and its grads enjoy their mid career Earnings up to $111,000. It is also among the top school for student debt, alumni income as well as the graduation rate.

  10. University of California, San Diego:

    It is actually an oceanographic institution and it gets more than $1 billion in annual research funding. The mid career earning of its graduates is u to $108,000.

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  11. Virginia Military Institute:

    It was founded in 1839 and is one of the oldest state-supported military college in the USA with mid career earnings up to $108,000.

  12. Michigan Technological University:

    Located in Houghton, MI, the institute specializes in math, science as well as technology related programs. Its grads enjoy mid career earning up to $102,000.

  13. California Polytechnic State University:

    Located in San Luis Obispo, CA, this institute is well known for its philosophy educational programs. The mid career earnings of its pass outs are nearly equals to $102,000.

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  14. University of Illinois:

    This university consists of more than 80 laboratories, research centers as well as institutes which also includes the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Its mid career earnings are up to $102,000.

  15. Missouri University of Science and Technology:

    This institute is offering about 98 undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree programs in the engineering, business along with many others. However, the Mid-Career Earnings of its grads are up to $101,000.

  16. University of California:

    It comes at No.8 among the 12 research centers at UCSB are sponsored by the National Science Foundation and its grads have the Mid-Career Earnings up to $101,000.

  17. New Jersey Institute of Technology:

    This grads of this well known institute, located in Newark, NJ, enjoys the mid career earnings nearly equal to $100,000.

  18. Texas A&M University:

    It is the only school in Texas that have the sea-grant, land-grant as well as the space-grant designations. This institute is also a research hub which receives some significant funding from NASA. Its mid career earnings are up to $99,700.

  19. University of Michigan:

    This university is well known due to its innovative research. Located in Ann Arbor, MI, its grads receive mid career earnings up to $98,900

  20. California State University Maritime Academy:

    This institute with the Mid-Career Earnings up to $98,900, is offering six majors which also includes maritime affairs as well as marine engineering.

  21. University of California, Davis:

    With the total population of students more than 35,000, its students choose from 104 undergraduate majors as well as 99 graduate degree programs. However, its mid career earnings are up to $98,400.

  22. University of California, Los Angeles:

    This university receives such a large number of applications as compare to any other institution in the country. Its grads receive their Mid-Career Earnings up to $98,100.

  23. San Jose State University:

    Located in San Jose, CA, the students of this institute enjoys the Mid-Career Earnings nearly equal to $97,700.

  24. University of Virginia:

    Located in Charlottesville, VA, the grads of this well known university in Virginia receive their mid career earnings up to $97,100.

  25. University of Texas:

    It comes among the largest universities of USA with over 50,000 students. However, their mid career earnings are up to $96,400.