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We contain Smart Academic Solutions in our pocket to equally support students and teachers.

We make an exacting academic route easier for students from high school to Intermediate, Bachelor, Masters and PHD. Get guaranteed assistance you need to improve your grades. We engage the writer on your custom paper who is most proficient in the respective discipline and topic.

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    1. Place Your Order

  • 2. Payment for Order

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    3. Order Will Be Proceeded

  • 4. Scrutinization of Your Work

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    5. Delivery of the Order

Place Your Order

First of all you need to Sign Up with Academic Writing Web. Once account is created, you can login anytime to place your order. As you enter your Login details (email and password) and click the submit button, you will be directed to a new page. Here you are ought to enter Requirements of Your Order and also the Contact Information.

Click on ‘Proceed’ button after filling the form and you will reach a new page with ‘Review Information’. Here you can review and check the accuracy of the details you entered earlier.

To edit anything you can go to the previous page by clicking on ‘Back’ button or else click on the payment button.

Payment for Order

As you click on ‘Payment to PayPal’ box, you will be directed to the next step ‘Proceed to Payment’. Here you will see a form with your order summary and payment options. To complete the purchase, you must add your account details to proceed further.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create using the option available on the same page.

Order Will Be Proceeded

We will proceed your order as soon as the payment gets deposited with us. For price negotiation and project discussion, you can contact us via Skype (academic.writing.web), or call us or talk to our customer representative through online chat. We believe in offering a full spectrum of academic writing services without any constraint with reference to communication.

Occasionally, we introduce discount offers. Be in touch to avail this facility.

Scrutinization of Your Work

After receiving payment, we will start to examine the requirements of your custom paper in detail and with critical attention. And, then it will be forwarded to the writer having good command on the respective subject, topic and type of paper.

The writer will then collect the information, evidences and facts to produce high-quality and plagiarism free custom written paper. The writer will be deeply involved in the practical phase of the writing process and will organize the paper according to your defined format (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).

Delivery of the Order

The completely done custom paper is sent to editors for proofreading, editing and checking the plagiarism using special software programs such as Copyscape. At this point both writers and editors work in collaboration to produce a seamless final copy of your ordered paper.

As the copy gets ready we deliver it to you, and certainly before the deadline. For any further modification in the final script, you can send it back to us. The first modification of the original document will be free of charge, and after that you have to pay for each revision depending on the nature of the modification you need.