A Life Changing Moment

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Prompt: A Life-Changing Moment
Think of a specific experience that had a huge impact on you–something that really changed your life in some way (winning the state championship, riding your first roller coaster, surviving a car accident, going on your first date, etc.). Then, write a narrative about that experience. Make sure that it has an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use time, dialogue, descriptive details, and one point-of-view to tell the story leading up to the climax of your life-changing moment. For instance, if your life-changing moment discusses your first date, the last body paragraph before the conclusion should detail your date and the previous body paragraphs should explain the events leading up to the date.

The conclusion should sum up the major subtopics in your story as well as explain how this event changed you. For instance, did it teach you a lesson? Did you walk away with a new appreciation for something?

Sample Thesis Statement: “After I got to know John, I discovered that you should not judge people on first appearances.” Your job after this is to tell the story of this thesis statement.

Remember to underline your thesis!

Essay Preview: …..
After a few days, I realized that I am falling a victim of depression and anxiety and that was another predicament for me.
Then I started realizing that I was running away from truth and that I should embrace reality. From that day, I started normalizing myself and I realized that this had changed my life and my attitude towards life. I realized that life is not just about fun and spending time with …. I managed to get good grades in college and now I am vying to get admission in a reputable university. If I had not recovered myself from anxiety and depression, I would not have achieved anything in my life.