Author : Jean Anouilh

NURSE. Where have you been?
ANTIGONE. Nowhere. It was beautiful. The whole world was grey when I went out. And now — you wouldn’t recognize it. It’s like a post card: all pink, and green, and yellow. You’ll have to get up earlier, Nurse,
if you want to see a world without color.
NURSE. It was still pitch black when I got up. I went to your room, for I thought you might have flung off your blanket in the night. You weren’t there.
ANTIGONE. The garden was lovely. It was still asleep.
NURSE. You hadn’t slept in your bed. I couldn’t find you. I went to the back door. You’d left it half open.
ANTIGONE. The fields were wet. They were waiting for something to happen. The whole world was breathless, waiting. I can’t tell you what a roaring noise I seemed to make as I went up the road. I took off my
sandals and slipped into a field.
NURSE. You’ll do well to wash your feet before you go back to bed,
ANTIGONE. I’m not going back to bed.
NURSE. Don’t be a fool! You get some sleep! And me, getting

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