Learn how to write a good speech for your school

speach 12 - Learn how to write a good speech for your school

Speech writing is an amalgamation of several ideas, styles and presentable arguments. Speech writing is considered one of the vital components for school students to boost their confidence, to make them presentable and to stand by their points through rational approach and cogent arguments. Unfortunately, there are many school students who do not know how to write a speech. The reason behind this fact could be anything from low writing practice to lack of required help. Nevertheless, some simple tips can help school students to improve their speech writing skills. Here are some of the tips to learn how to write a good speech:

Choose an attractive and relevant topic

Topic selection is very crucial to speech writing. A good speech demands an attractive and relevant topic which must attract the audience and make them curious about every word of the speech. Therefore, you must select the topic of the speech in relevance to what is assigned to you by your school or otherwise what is your strength in particular topics. Furthermore, you must also choose a topic within your area of interest as it will help you write better and you can make stronger arguments for it.

Choose your style and tone

Speech writing is quite dependent on factors like tone and style. Your tone and style must match the topic and theme of your speech. If you are writing for some national issue, you must adapt a formal style and tough tone in order to strengthen your point of you. On the contrary, if you are writing on casual topics, you can adapt a little easy tone and relaxed writing style.

Choose relevant words and make appropriate sentences

Word selection is pivotal for speech writing. You must select your words, keeping in mind your audience and your influential criteria. If you are writing for social issue, you must choose the words that are relevant to society and understandable for the masses. So do not use difficult words which would bother your audience. Furthermore, make appropriate sentences and give sound explanation of every point you present for an argument.

Give examples from real time experiences

Speech writing is an art to lure the attention of maximum readers. For this purpose, you must quote examples from real life experiences so that the reader gets indulged in the magic of your explanatory tricks. This simple tip will help you to grab the attention of the reader because he will learn from your experiences and it gives him a chance to explore himself. Furthermore, the real time relevance of experiences strengthen your argument through providing a reality check to the reader.


Speech writing plays a pivotal role for school students because the students must learn how to present their arguments with reasonable logic and presentable arguments. Aforementioned are the tips that will help the students to learn how to write a speech. Furthermore, practice of speech writing is very vital for students in order to become a marvelous speech writer.