Academic Writing Web provides superlative solutions for lesson planning and resource creation. Our experts provide the academic plans that fulfil the learning goals of the school children starting from early school to high school. We have resource creation services that are research based and provide worksheets, flash cards and other digital resources for each lesson in any subject that are highly suitable and compatible to the needs of both teachers and students. Our targeted lesson planning service meets all of the academic goals that a teacher expects its students to achieve.

For lesson planning service, a teacher is required to provide a statement regarding the subject and complete information about the purpose and background of the unit. The statement should be detailed which includes the list of topics and concepts which are supposed to be taught in the semester, the goals of a semester, the activities, assignments, and quizzes information, and strategies to evaluate. We will provide an edited and planned service for your subject which will have all the flavors of a lesson model you are expecting from us.

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With Academic Writing Web, it gets simpler for both teachers in better organizing their lesson plans and reducing the time of preparation for their class as we also provide services in which we prepare the presentations, chart formats and assignment plans according to your demand. All you need is to add attachments, documents which define the whole work type and course. We will build lesson plan templates for you according to the given instructions. All of these services are for all subjects and school grades. You can communicate with the Academic Writing Web team via email, Skype, and WhatsApp to conduct a discussion with a professional and explain how you want to organize your work and your schedule to get the desired lesson plan and resource pack. Contact details are:


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Organized Lesson Plans

For a course curriculum, we develop and organize lesson plans for you that you can follow throughout your semester. We design presentations and class activities plans which will reduce your class preparation time and you can easily get each component of your course planned. Our team is seriously concerned with the objective of our clients. The outcome of the lesson plan would be according to the objective of our client as we do not compromise on the satisfaction of our clients and provide them quality work. Our lesson planning ensures that it impacts the achievement of students in a positive way and guide them the same.

Proficient Resource Creation

Academic Writing Web creates resources for you according to the lesson plan which you will provide to us. Teachers can share their lesson and all important information about the subject and grade for which they need resources and we will find original resources for the students which teacher can use for their students to teach in the class. Our resource creation services are all research-based which are highly well-suited and according to the requirements of both teachers and students. The resources would be specifically related to the subject and topics that are assigned to us. The resources would be according to the age group of targeted students.

Our team makes sure that the resources we find would be accurate, efficient and useful for the students. While placing order mention the type of resources you want like videos, presentations, documents, books or some links to websites. Our resource creation service is really helpful for the teachers as their class preparation will take less time. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality work which helps them in accomplishing the purpose of the subject.

Guaranteed Quality Work

Our mission is to motivate and empower the teachers and students continuously by serving our best amenities. We make sure that our ideas and organization support the motive of our clients. Our 24/7 support will help you in communicating anytime and conduct a discussion with us related to work. There is no place of plagiarism in Academic Writing Web, we ensure unique content for our customers. Our team guarantees customer satisfaction. Our qualified writers ensure punctuality and deliver your work before the mentioned deadline.

Lesson planning and resources creation

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