The art of telling a story or an experience through its depiction in an essay is called the art of narrative essay writing. The depictions contained in narrative essays are author’s expression that he describes in an interactive and personalized manner. Narrative essays allow a student to pour out his thoughts and ideas in a creative manner. This is an art which provides the author an opportunity to give his work a personalized touch. Penning down a narrative essay, with effective communication skills, requires a proper study and understanding of certain rules and guidelines that facilitate one in describing the events and narrative for the essay.

The narrative essay can be written both a story as well as a depiction of one’s particular experience. It could literally be about any topic as there is no subject constraint on what the author can write on. However, care must be taken with regards to the nature and type of essay. If you mean to write a story-form essay, you might want to ensure your essay includes all the components of a story. There will be an introduction, a plot, different characters, setting climax, and in the end a conclusion.

Writers, mainly students, face many confusions as well as issues when required to do narrative writing. Here are some tips and rules that will help you write a fairly good narrative essay on any given possible scenario.

The purposefulness:

The purposefulness of the essay is essential. The most important element to consider in your narrative writing is to have a clearly defined purpose. Elaborate a precise thesis and make a point. The more succinct the point, the clearer the purpose will be. And the clarity of the purpose shall profoundly improve the impression of your narration.

Careful use of the language:

It is no less important in narrative writing. Much like in any other kind of writing, narrative essays also require a subtle use of the language. Think carefully when and where to employ a particular word or phrase. Everything matters and every word you write contributes to the quality of the narration. The standard of the language and the correct application of grammar shall highly impact the overall outlook of your essay. Therefore, pay special attention to the language.


An organization refers to the clarity of the content. State clearly the tone and purpose of your narration to the reader. An unequivocal introduction will set the tone for the rest of your essay as well as ignite the interest of the reader into your writing. An effective organization of ideas involves good placement of thoughts and narrative.

Apart from above-mentioned rules, there are some important factors to consider which will give your essay an interesting start. To make the start of your narration catchy, you should first build the momentum, begin with a little mystery, and confine the other talk to a minimum.

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