Personal Narrative Essay Writing Tips – Just Read & Follow!

29 - Personal Narrative Essay Writing Tips - Just Read & Follow!

Personal narrative essay writing is the best way to narrate your story to others. You can share your feelings with your readers. You, as a writer, should be able to write so well that the person reading your work stays engrossed and feels the action themselves. If you want to improve your writing skills, you should do so by writing yourself.

Personal Narrative Essay

Part 1: Find Your Focus

Decide on the event

In the event of narrative writing, you need to start by finding your focus point. This simply means the experience you want to share with the world. The event could be anything, from a good to a bad memory. Something that changed your perspective towards life and you remember.

Determine Your Narrator

This is important for your college essay writing. Ask your supervisor if you should write to the 1st person. If that’s the case, the 1st person is obviously you.

Think How to Bring the Flow

Some people want to go from a-z, meaning they want to start from the beginning. However, if you are looking for a change, try this. Start from the present day and then revisit the past. For example; your reader should feel as if you are telling them something about your past.

Jot Down all the Events

Before you begin writing, it is better to list down the events on a piece of paper. This will help to organize your thoughts.

Part 2: Create your first draft

Start Strong

If the beginning of your essay is weak, the reader’s interest won’t develop. You should start with a very strong paragraph.

Divide your essay into 3 paragraphs

In short, it’s like a short story with a good introduction, a good body, and a clear ending. Therefore, do not forget to divide your essay into 3 paragraphs like you would do in a story.

Add Dialogues

Adding dialogues will make the essay more interesting for the readers. However, do not add false information. It should be based on a true event. Use the words carefully for each character. Remember, your reader probably will be trying to give a face to the character and you don’t want to destroy it with a wrong word selection

Expand your Vocabulary

Don’t use simple words like pretty and smelled. Instead, use words like glorious and inhaled. Try to use vivid words.

Part 3: Rectify your final Draft

Editing and Proof Reading

Now that you’ve completed your narrative essay, you need to relax for a few days. Once, your mind is rested and fresh, start editing your essay. Look for errors and rectify them. Proof-reading is very important.

Ask a Friend to Read

Since you have spent a lot of time reading and writing your essay, the mistakes will go unseen by you. Therefore, ask a friend to read your essay and give feedback. Assignment writing is easy, but getting the flow is difficult. Make sure your reader does not feel like there’s a gap. Try to add continuity in your essay.

Personal Narrative Essay
Personal Narrative Essay

Like mentioned earlier, writing a personal narrative essay is a good way to improve your writing skills. Follow the tips mentioned above and give it a go.