Tips to prepare for TOEFL

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Heading for the United States at school or graduate level, proving that your English language is perfect, is one of the foremost steps in this process which is becoming more competitive. All the schools in US utilize TOEFL in order to know about the expertise in English language. But before test you should know the “Tips to prepare for TOEFL”. Educational Testing Service (ETS) controls this test and it is taken in about 165 countries in the world.


Everyone wants to get top result in TOEFL but many fails in the test due to little mistakes in preparation. There are a lot of ways in which students can prepare TOEFL online. However, while doing the preparation, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Keep reading this article and know about the tips that can help you in your preparation and to get the best result in TOEFL.

5 Important Tips to prepare for TOEFL:

  • The most ideal approach to prepare TOEFL online is by practicing different English language tests available online. However, in case that you are taking some TOEFL preparation class, your instructor will give you the related practice material and if you are doing all alone, you should search for couple of test samples online as there are a few websites from where students can purchase books for test preparation.


  • If you find it difficult to study online all by yourself, then you can search for a mentor who can help you in your TOEFL preparation. Any good local English educator who knows a lot of things about the TOEFL or is experienced is the best as compared to other assets an understudy can have. You can ask any question about the test or the mentor can provide you the material for the daily test preparation. However, make sure you are preparing your test on daily basis as daily practice is one of the most important things to get top result in TOEFL.


  • You have to write a lot in the TOEFL test. In case that you are preparing for the paper based test then it might take around 2.5 hours. In such situation, you need to focus on your writing speed. If you don’t have a good writing speed then make sure you are working on it as well. Try to practice daily to increase your speed and get your desired result.
  • Along with writing speed, you also have to focus on good handwriting. Make sure you are attempting your test neatly. If you have attempted TOEFL in good handwriting then the test will be neat as well and you will surely get top result in TOEFL.


  • One of the most important things while attempting the test is to attempt it calmly. Anything, if done calmly, can provide you some amazing results. Make sure you have all the required things in order to attempt the test. Check for all the things before entering the center such as pencils, erasers or ID. If you are 100% ready for the test then you will attempt the test without any tension and there are more chances of some amazing results.


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