Top 15 Public colleges in the USA

44 - Top 15 Public colleges in the USA

Every student loves to join the colleges that offer excellent education yet in affordable price range. There are a lot of public colleges in USA that are not very expensive but still they are offering quality education to their students. The list of top 15 public colleges in the USA is given below:


  1. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI:

    The normal cost that is required to study at U-M for this year is $28,100 which, after getting average aid, can decrease down to $14,300. The graduates of U-M are able to earn up to $59,000 in their early careers. However, the normal SAT score require here is 1380. It is one of the most affordable world class colleges in USA, the University of Michigan accepts about 33% of the 50,000 understudies who apply yearly.

  2. University of California-Berke:

    It is a standout among the most selective public colleges in the US, and 91% of students graduate within 6 years. The cost required for studying here during 2016-17 without any financial aid was $35,700. However, with average aid, it is decreased down to $25,300.

  3. University of Virginia-Main Campus, VA:

    This is one of the best universities in USA that offer excellent education in low cost as compared to others. The cost to study here without any aid is $28,100 while, with average aid, the cost can easily decrease down to $12,000. However, the SAT score required for this public college is 1355.

  4. Texas An and M University-College Station, TX:

    This university / public college offers top quality education in the low cost i.e. $23,900 without any aid and with normal aid it can be as low as $15,900. The SAT score required for this college is 1180. A lot of understudies originate from low-income families, and the college accepts about 71% of candidates.

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  5. University of California-San Diego, CA:

    For the year 2016-2017, its cost was $32,500 without any financial aid. With average aid, it decreased down to $24,700. However, the SAT/AVT score required for this public college is 1280. It is one of the best research colleges in the world.

  6. University of Florida, FL:

    The University of Florida is far better as compared to others that deal in the higher education. Educational cost is simply $6,300 a year for Floridians. The estimated cost for 2016-2017 was $21,400 without any aid and with average financial aid it was $15,500. However, the SAT score required here is 1265.

  7. University of California-Irvine:

    It is one of the most respected institute in the country with the average cost of $32,900 that decreases down to $25,500 with average financial aid. For University of California, the average SAT score is 1130/24.

  8. University of California-Davis:

    It comes among the highly ranked public colleges / universities in the California which charged $35,100 for 2016-2017 and with average aid it was decreased to $26,900. Around 43% of the understudies come from low-income families, yet the university still has a six-year graduation rate of 83% students.

  9. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University:

    This public college is one of the best in using new technology for teaching purposes. Its average cost is 26,900 which becomes $22,600 after getting average aid.

  10. University of Maryland-College Park:

    It is one of the USA’s top public research universities that cost up to $25,300 without and $17,600 with average aid. The early career earnings of its grades are up to $54,500.

  11. University of California-Los Angeles:

    It is one of the best public colleges in USA for the education of Theater, Film as well as Television. Without any aid it costs up to $34,300 that becomes $23,400 with average financial aid.

  12.  Clemson University, SC:The estimated cost of this public college is $30,300 that goes down to $22,700 with average aid. It is among the top public research universities.
  1. The University of Illinois:

    This University is relentlessly assembling its notoriety for being a stellar research organization. The university is among the best 15 public schools on the list of list of high research spenders. The university cost is $30,800 that goes down to $22,100 with financial aid.

  2. University of Washington-Seattle Campus, WA:

    This public college has developed as one of the world’s strongest research colleges with estimated cost of $27,800 without and $19,700 with average financial aid.

  3. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus, GA:

    It is one of the least cost colleges that focus on the latest technology. Their estimated cost is up to $25,700 that goes down to $17,700 after average aid. However, the average SAT score required here is 1360.