Top 5 online English Courses:

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A lot of websites are offering Online English Courses for students who want to increase their English language skills through online courses. These courses are very useful as individuals are able to gain as much English skills as they want. From beginners to the expert level, these courses are for everyone. If you are one of those who want to gain English language skills then continue reading this article. Below are top 5 courses some best websites are offering online.

Online English Courses:

  • Alison’s English Learning Course:

    Alison is an E-learning platform which was started in 2007 and is now offering about 750 online courses. It’s yet an incredible place to learn the English language. The English courses offered by Alison for different levels are worth taking which enables an individual to improve the skills amazingly.

  • MOOC Online Course:

    MOOC is platforms that is just for students who want to learn the English language. MOOC is actually “Massive Open Online English Course”. This online site has English classes for all the students. From beginner’s level to the expert’s level, MOOC has something to offer for everyone. The short English courses are easy to complete as they don’t require much time. At the end of its English language course, an online examination is held which you must have to pass.

  • EdX English Courses:

    EdX also comes among the Top online learning sites that enable students to get education easily while staying at home. EdX was made by two top institutes of America i.e. Harvard & MIT. There are a lot of online courses offered here. However, the English courses offered by EdX for online students are worth praising. These courses are not free, you have to pay for them, but they have a lot of value. Short English courses are completed in few week and help students in increasing their English learning ability.

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  • Future Learn Online English Courses:

    Future Learn is another famous and one of the best platforms for students who want to take online courses. Online English courses offered by Future Learn are best for all levels. These courses can increase the English learning skills at both experts’ as well as beginner’s level. The short English courses are completed in the period of few weeks. Weekly lectures are provided to the students by which they can learn English easily.

  • Udemy English Courses:

There are more than 25,000 courses to choose from on Udemy. Online English Courses offered at Udemy are some great courses to learn the English Language easily. Not every course on Udemy is free. However, there are a decent number of free ones. Indeed, even the courses that are not free are available at affordable prices. Easy to take video lectures are provided to the students, by watching which, they are able to learn English easily. The English courses offered here are completed within few weeks and are worth taking.

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